Annual Awards 2012

Annual Awards 2012


Annual Awards 2012

The celebration of the “ETHNOMEDIA WEEK” is a tradition of the last 35 years of the “National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada”, for the recognition of the contributions made by publications, members, and individuals of the multicultural communities to their own community and to Canadian society in general.

It is a recognition of their considerable contributions to our democracy and to multicultural fabric of our society. Today we salute their contributions and recognize their struggles for human rights, for equal opportunities, for peace and understanding and for justice and respect all Canadians.

With their outstanding efforts we managed to bring chance and progress in our society, to prevent any form of oppression, injustice and hatred, which is a wedge designed to attack on our peace-loving Canadian society.

Our thanks to the Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, for the leadership, encouragement and support he provides by hosting the ceremony for the presentation of the Awards. We are thankful also to his staff for their support in organizing this event.

Finally we want to express our gratitude to all participants in today’s ceremony, as they contributed to most to the success of this event with their presence.

We earnestly hope that our organization will forge ahead to greater accomplishments and archive the most by working together and using our collective influence.

Thank you for your participation.