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Around 1.45 million people in India are diagnosed with cancers each year, with the leading sites being breast and cervix in women and lung and mouth cavity in men.
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Υψηλού προφίλ Διεθνής ρακέτα σεξ χρεωκοπημένος στο Kanpur, 16 συνελήφθησαν
Preliminary investigations revealed that one among the girls claimed herself to be a national of Turkey, besides seven others had come from Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.
लेखक-निर्देशक आर पॉल ढिल्लों के वृत्तचित्र मो Sihota: डर और वांछित वैंकूवर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दक्षिण एशियाई फिल्म समारोह में दिखाया जा करने के लिए
Opening Night Of VISAFF To Premier Bollywood Legend Gulshan Grover’s New Film BADMAN! VANCOUVER
Τα κορίτσια τόσο νέοι όσο 16 που μαστροπός για $500 την ημέρα
SUVA – Girls as young as 16 years old are being sold for sex in Fiji by pimps to earn quick cash of up to $500 a day. This has been revealed to The Fiji Times by the head of Fiji Police Force’s Human Trafficking Unit, Inspector Aminiasi Cula.