Empresário indo-britânico acusado de assassinato da esposa
Gurpreet Singh, 42, was charged on Wednesday by West Midlands Police detectives with the murder of 38-year-old Sarbjit Kaur.
Election Commission Calls For 40 Dogs To Sniff Out Drugs
PAGTIALA – The Election Commission has called for stationing 40 dogs across inter-state nakas, railway stations and bus stands to sniff out drugs being smuggled in Punjab ahead of the elections.
Fidżi zbiera $59 000 000 jako podatek od wyjazdu
SUVA – The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority collected revenue of $59 million in departure tax last year. The Chief Executive Officer Jitiko Tikolevu said FRCA’s revised forecast was to collect $61million.
Poderia a abertura do parq ser o catalisador para Vancouver prefeito Gregor Robertson para Land Amazon
On his Twitter account, the Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson said his city is interested in landing the tech hub. “Great news! Amazon would be fantastic addition to Vancouver’s world-class innovation ecosystem,” Robertson wrote.
El tío me había abusado sexualmente: Sophia Hayat
On the eve of InternationalWomen’s Day, the glamorousactress and TVshow host, SophiaHayat, revealed her darkand disturbing pastabout child sex abuse