New Clean Water Technology Creates Jobs In Ontario

                McGuinty Government Support Helps Build Green Economy


                TORONTO, Feb. 20



                An Ontario clean technology company is getting ready to take on the global marketplace and the rising worldwide demand for clean water.

                Ontario is investing $4 million through the Innovation Demonstration Fund  ( to help EcoVu ( bring its water analysis and purification technology to the global market. The provincial support will assist six projects that will showcase EcoVu's technology to prospective customers. With this support, the company anticipates hiring 30 new employees over the next three years.

                The global demand for water treatment products is expected to reach US$40 billion in 2011. EcoVu's technology has great potential to tap into this growing market, because it both detects contaminants and purifies water in a single step. This two-in-one approach is faster, cheaper and achieves high levels of purity.

                The funding is part of Ontario's Innovation Agenda

(, a plan to make creativity and ingenuity the driving force of Ontario's economy.




                "The world is looking for ways to live and do business more sustainably.

We're proud to support innovative Ontario businesses that want a piece of this multi-billion dollar global market, and that are on a mission to create clean air, clean water, healthier lives and good green jobs for the future," said Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson


                "The McGuinty government is committed to supporting Ontario businesses that create meaningful jobs for Ontarians, help us achieve our environmental goals and position this province as a world-leading green economy. This objective is at the heart of the proposed Green Energy Act I will be introducing shortly," said George Smitherman

(, Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure.

                "EcoVu has a promising future: contributing to economic growth in the Ottawa region while providing a vital resource - clean water - to the world,"

said Ottawa West-Nepean MPP Jim Watson (

                "EcoVu is a made-in-Ontario solution to complex, challenging water management issues here and around the world, and across many different applications and uses of water. Ontario's investment underscores the importance and significance of our work in building cleantech capability in the province," said Ray Novokowsky

(, President and CEO, EcoVu.



                QUICK FACTS


                -  One third of the Earth's fresh water can be found within and along

                   Ontario's borders.

                -  Over the past century water use has risen at more than twice the rate

                   of population growth.

                -  The UN estimates that by 2028, half of the world's population may be

                   struggling to find enough water for drinking and irrigation.