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Leila Monteiro Lins has more than 35 years of experience in journalism and marketing, including media relations, event planning and the development of communication strategies.

Leila has worked in an advertising agency, mainstream media (magazines, newspapers, television and radio) and different industry sectors, before opening her own agency.

LML Communication and Marketing was created in 1996 in Brazil. Among LML’s many achievements was the development and launch of the city of Pedro Leopoldo’s communication department.

In 1997, Leila served as special events and promotions vice-director of the Brazilian Communication Fellowship (Aberje Minas), a non-profit association that stimulates the interchange of information and promotes social communication through event marketing.

In February 2000, Leila re-located to Canada seeking new challenges. As she establishes herself, Leila works as a consultant, writer and on-air commentator.

A new branch of LML Communication and Marketing was created in the city of Toronto in 2004 and in that same year Leila was invited by CBC-Radio Canada International to be their correspondent.

Since 2008, Leila has been working as a Marketing director of the Brazilian Association in Ontario, Canada (Group Brasil). She has been responsible for the implementation of marketing, communication and media strategies and has assisted the Board members in the delivery of agency programs, and events.

In April 2010, LML launched Discover Brazil magazine ( in Canada with the goal of making Brazil better known in North America.

In September 2014, the magazine expanded its reach to new horizons. Considering the historical ties between Brazil and Portugal, the magazine started providing space for the dissemination of “brother-nation” in the new section “Discover Portugal”, which strengthen and deepen ties between the two countries and connect them to the world.

The purpose of the DISCOVER Magazine  is to connect businesses opportunities and promote Brazilian culture and tourism in Canada and Portugal, and vice-versa.

The magazine is in English, controlled circulation.

PORTAL DISCOVER                                                                                                                                                

Online communications channel

The new version of the Portal DISCOVER was launched in April 2016. The content is divided into four categories: Canada, Brazil, Portugal and Community. News and reports are enriched with multimedia resources, such as a gallery of images and videos.



  • To connect the Portuguese-speaking community in Canada;
  • To promote events organized by associations or individuals aiming to spread Brazilian and Portuguese culture and business in Canada;
  • To make known success stories and community initiatives;
  • To keep readers informed about Canadian legal and economic developments;
  • To inform the community about current news taking place in Brazil and Portugal.

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Leila Monteiro Lins
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