The Invisible Bike Helmet: The Fashion Forward Alternative
It would seem excessively futuristic to imagine an invisible helmet that is actually capable of effectively protecting our heads, but that is just what Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have done.
Volvo's new XC90 – the smoothest ride on the road...?
By Birgitta Lauren Had the pleasure of being treated to an all-day red carpet presentation and road test driving to cover the rebirthing of the VOLVO brand and launch of their brand new SUV the XC90. We drove both the T6 and the T8, the latter being a hybrid.
S.O.S! Save this endangered Swedish farmhouse in Burlington, MA
Frans Simon Johnson came to America from Jönköping in 1903 with $25 in his pocket. But through hard work and determination, he and his wife Olga built their American Dream.
Min historia med Ingvar Kamprad av Henric Borgström
Av Henric Borgström
Rainman, Rival
“Rainman” som nu spelas på teater Rival i Stockholm bygger på den flerfaldigt Oscarsbelönade filmen från 1988 där Dustin Hoffman och Tom Cruise spelar de två udda bröderna på resa genom USA från Cincinnati till Los Angeles.