April Meeting and CPJ’s latest safety advice for covering the COVID-19 pandemic

April Meeting and CPJ’s latest safety advice for covering the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear friends and colleagues, sisters and brothers in the ethnic press:

Due to continue dangers of the Pandemic COVID-19, your executive decided not to call an open meeting for the month of April, as the City Hall remains closed.

To this extend please allow me to inform you that Maria worked very hard in order to convince the authorities to include the Ethnic Media in the special package of financial aid the federal government prepared for the Canadian business. Today, I was happy to hear the PM to mention that the related support for media and journalism is coming. I don’t know yet how this money will be distributed to the members, this is something that I will know sometimes in April, until then please know that we are preparing for this year 2020 the Local Journalism Intensive and hopefully the Internship Program.

As soon as we will get the go ahead, we will notify you in order to submit your application. For one more time, today, I encourage you all to apply for the “Aid to Publishers”, to the best of my knowledge and ability this year  the amount will be double for whatever was the previous years.

Please, as the deadline is March 30, 2020, you still have time to apply, and please do it.I want also to inform you that only publications with 50% of real Canadian content will qualify for these programs. If you don’t have this percentage please try to adjust your reporting in order to qualify.

Thank you again,


Thomas S. Saras                                         Neel Nanda                          Maria Voutsinas

CPJ Emergencies has updated its safety advisory for journalists covering the coronavirus pandemic. The advisory includes information on pre-assignment preparations, travel planning, avoiding infection, and post-assignment considerations. Sign up to receive further updates and safety advisories from CPJ Emergencies here. The advisory is also available in Español, فارسی, and العربية.
CPJ Digital Manger Ahmed Zidan interviewed the University of Toronto-based Citizen Lab about their recent report on Chinese social media censorship around COVID-19. One of the report’s co-authors told CPJ, “Broad censorship of neutral and even factual information related to the virus might have limited the public's ability to share and discuss knowledge of the prevention of the disease.”

In Vietnam, Radio Free Asia journalist Truong Duy Nhat was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday. Nhat had been held in pre-trial detention in Vietnam since January 28, 2019, two days after he went missing from a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

 “No matter how long they want to imprison my dad, I’m sure that he did nothing wrong,” his daughter, Thuc Doan Truong, told CPJ. “[Monday's sentencing] is just an excuse for them to stop him from writing critical articles.”
In the United Kingdom, a report published by the U.K. Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office revealed that authorities requested six warrants for surveillance efforts that “would relate to journalistic confidential material” in 2018. The report also stated that law enforcement and state security agents made 203 communications data requests “in relation to an individual of journalistic profession” in 2018.


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